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The smartest way to manage your chemicals

World class structure handling

Structure drawing, search and registration is done using the user friendly interface. This does not require installatinon of external components. Will run in any browser and allow fast and simple structure registration and search

Full control

The extremely userfriendly interface will make sure that everybody can easily adapt the system to their processes.

Chemicals at your fingertips

The individual parts of chemicalinventory has been carefully designed to make the user experience super simple, but yet bringing you powerfull functionality.

Who are we
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We offer free versions for small setups. Paid subscription starts at €275/year for 2 users.

Contact us today, and let us look at your needs, and work out the best price in the market for you.

Chemicals at your fingertips

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Data Overview

Search and find. The system will let you store, search and find your data giving the best possible user experience. Your data will be displayed in a very user-friendly way, which will help to create a smooth work process.


Work Smart - Save time and money

Stop wasting valuable time searching for chemicals, chemicalinventory will give everyday improvements to the way you work.

This will allow for quick and easy use and access, which again will make sure that people will use the system, and this way help reach a higher level of complience and give you full overview of your inventory and stock of chemicals.

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How it works

Regulatory Data

The ability to store and track chemicals, with the added value of safety data sheets and safety data

Image by Viktor Talashuk

MSDS at your fingertips

Within chemicalinventory you have the option to link the MSDS received by suppliers or generated inhouse in a single place. This way all data can be accessed from a central place.


Safety data for all your compounds

Display the correct safety data for your compounds and chemicals. Support for GHS and any other safety data that may be relevant for you.



Knowing that all relevant safety data and documents can be centralized, will mean more control and a single point of entry for all data related to chemicals and compounds.


"The smartest product
in the market"

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